Thursday, February 7, 2013



The idea of the design is from my girlfriend (Zhack Paras) i really love the design when i first saw it its so simply but have an impact to me the blood and the oldskool bike is really cool and there is a meaning all of that okay lets start about the name "FLATLAND STYLE" very specific direct to the point bmx flatland i just want to promote flatland here in Philippines so that the name, second one is the blood my gf put some blood because she know what's going on after you ride there is a blood on your shin haha but flatland is not so bloody so don't be scared haha! the 3rd one is the oldskool bike? why? because before long time  ago i think 18th century there's no 20" wheels so that time they used that bike to ride Flatland the last one is the two underlined means the flatland rider's used Flat ground to play so here's the behind the story of FLATLAND STYLE design.

LiveToRideFlat- means dedication.

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