Friday, June 29, 2012

Singapore Trip Day 1

Departure 10 PM in the evening sleepy flight to Singapoore

Boring part of a Traveling so fucking silent but thanks to my ipod shuffle :-)

Touch Down Singapore at 2:00 in the morning sleepy zzzz...........

Breakfast at bos Kris House 2 canton noodles 3 AM in the morning im so hungry

this kid is so Smart she know how to used Ipone at the age 2 and Read letters and numbers consistency (Kris Daughter)

Lunch time 

1 thing i love Singapore is the awesome spot anywhere you go there's a good spot 

Good Night!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


My Niece and My Mom

My Sister and her Daughter 

Lil Brother 

My niece Lei

My father and her Apo Liv

Security Ponga

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jam Session in San Fernando Capitol

Me and Ronel and the street riders

The Capitol of San Fernando Pampanga 

Photo by GF

Maximino H. Hizon the Revolutionaries 

The Kapangpangan Riders Ne!

What a nice jamming session with local riders here pulled some hard trick in front of them and they amazed I'm really glad when they happy to see me when I'm riding really appreciated that and i like the vibes here the riders is so kindly and friendly and  if you're planning to visit there spot its really fun to ride here trust Me!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Testing a Canon 600D Video

Just Testing our new Canon 600D Camera During at night here's the result and hope you can enjoy the clip thanks!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The white jump by Alan Alfaro

Check this out Progression video of one of my good friend here in Phillipines really good rider!

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Progression

This is how I describe my Progression so every time I ruined it its mean I progress with out all of this Vans shoes I can't ride and progress thank you Vans Ph Manila for your support and for keeping me motivated 

My Bike Check 2012

Frame:St Martin Evo 2012
Bars:KHE anchor V2
Fork:St martin Mikado V2
Cranks:Quamen Mobile arm 150mm
Pegs:Front St Martin Rear Precision
Rim: Ares Dm22
Front Hub:Ares boo 48H
FC Hub:Ares boo 2
Seat: Odyssey Senior Vnyl railing
Grips:Odyssey aaron ross
Tire: Front Arestic A-clas 1.75 Rear Odyssey Frequency G tire 1.85
BB: Superstar
Headset:Arestic 4 years old still good conditon
Seat Clamp: Sunday

I really love my set up specially the St martin Frame its really tight and easy to used and i love the bars too actually this is a trendy set up for flatland now days love it so much and  off coarse all my parts from my full support sponsors if you want to upgrade your parts don't hesitate to contact them they are cheaper than others shop and 100% original straight from the brand so what are you waiting for buy only at

Extreme teens

Event Name:Extreme teens
What: Skateboarding,BMX, Fingerboard Competition
Where:at Event Center 3rd Floor SM city Lucena
Where:Lucena City
Time:10 AM Onwards

See you all there BMXer's lets ride and have fun support our local scene!

Monday, June 4, 2012

UNTV Sports37

catch the amazing stunts and tricks of our own BMX Riders this Sunday(June 10,2012)

For more info kindly follow this link