Monday, June 18, 2012

My Bike Check 2012

Frame:St Martin Evo 2012
Bars:KHE anchor V2
Fork:St martin Mikado V2
Cranks:Quamen Mobile arm 150mm
Pegs:Front St Martin Rear Precision
Rim: Ares Dm22
Front Hub:Ares boo 48H
FC Hub:Ares boo 2
Seat: Odyssey Senior Vnyl railing
Grips:Odyssey aaron ross
Tire: Front Arestic A-clas 1.75 Rear Odyssey Frequency G tire 1.85
BB: Superstar
Headset:Arestic 4 years old still good conditon
Seat Clamp: Sunday

I really love my set up specially the St martin Frame its really tight and easy to used and i love the bars too actually this is a trendy set up for flatland now days love it so much and  off coarse all my parts from my full support sponsors if you want to upgrade your parts don't hesitate to contact them they are cheaper than others shop and 100% original straight from the brand so what are you waiting for buy only at

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