Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sinulog Bmx Flatland Jam 2011

 Special thanks to VANS MANILA..........
 Day 1

 we ride airplane to reached Cebu City its been a 1 hour trip Manila to Cebu City

peejaa and kap 

coco and peejaa

me,kap and rkepz at cebu city airport very bad timing to us beacuase the weather in Cebu City is bad :(
Day 2

pejaa and joel shoes is dirty because of the rain 
 lot of people we cant ride damn 

stock up in the middle of the road were near in sinulog parade

rain rain rain

just waiting until the rain stop very bad weather in cebu the contest are post poned but we decided to search some indoor spot to ride and JAM
Manuel Teomale 

Wilson Kap Malana


Kebong from BOHOL

finally we found some indoor spot to ride yeah!!

at last we can ride
riding session

peejaa is tired

joel exited to ride

spot location

eating some local food in cebu called puza??

kap and joel enjoy they meal!!

flip crew
my ride is tired


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